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Cathy was great! She took the stressful event of finding and buying a home and made it into an easy process. She was very responsive when contacted. I felt that we could trust her opinions when asked. I truly feel that she made the house buying process a positive experience!
Lee Ann and Jeremy
Cathy is incredible and truly looks out for her clients' best interests. My wife and I fully trust, respect and appreciate her input every step of the way. We have worked with Cathy on three real estate transactions and will definitely be going to her with any future business! 
Megan and Brian
Cathy did a fantastic job helping us find and purchase our first home. We are in the middle of starting new jobs, getting married, moving from Miami, and buying a home and so far the home purchase has been the least stressful event! Cathy was very helpful from day one taking multiple trips with each of us to look at homes, understood the stress and logistics required for us to travel from Miami to look at homes in Maryland, and made all of our interactions informative, helpful, and fun. She also recommended a variety of other wonderful professionals to help with our home loan and inspections who made the entire process even easier for us. Cathy is the kind of person you meet in a professional capacity and before you know it you've made a legitimate friend! We will be using Cathy for all our realty needs, recommending her to everyone we know, and will be inviting her over for dinner once we're fully moved in!
Kristien & Alex
Cathy gave us very sound advice as to how to best price our home, how to make it as attractive as possible to buyers, and how to evaluate the multiple offers that we received within 48 hours of the house being on the market. She kept us calm throughout the process and made certain that the closing went as smoothly as possible. She is a true real estate professional."

Cathy is amazing! We had a great experience having her as our realtor. She always answered our questions in a timely manner and always worked late to help accommodate our busy schedules. Her knowledge of the area is superb and she was able to assist us in finding a local lender and title agency to make our home buying experience seamless. I would recommend her to any friends and family moving to the area looking to buy.
Lei & John

Cathy Paulos was highly recommended to us by neighbors and friends because she did a fantastic job selling their homes or helping them find and purchase a home in our neighborhood. One neighbor told me to hire Cathy and "just do whatever she says because what she does is magical." We had an opportunity to see Cathy in action when she held an open house for our friends' home. We were very impressed. We decided to use Cathy Paulos to sell our beloved family home after we had a walk through of our home with Cathy. This was the best decision of our lives. We also decided to do whatever she advised us to do as far as preparing and staging our home. Cathy Paulos is so experienced, honest, hardworking, professional, smart as anything, and really a pleasure to work with in preparing and selling our home. All the effort paid off as Cathy sold our home quickly and for more than the listing price! We were amazed at the incredible service and results provided by Cathy. Cathy also kept us informed and made the whole experience such a pleasure! We never had so much fun selling a home. Cathy has a way of keeping it real, being upbeat, and providing beyond excellent customer service! We have never seen a person work so hard as Cathy did for us. Cathy not only took care of us and our home, she became a friend in the process. Cathy Paulos is one of those rare finds in real estate and life: a true gem! Hire Cathy Paulos and listen to her advice! You will be glad you did. We are so grateful to Cathy. Cathy Paulos is simply the BEST!
We had executive homes in Kennebunkport and Miami Beach. We decided we no longer could keep up the Bethesda house we had since 1995. The house needed finishing work to bring out its real value. Cathy handled everything for us including managing the contractors and adding the touches that we would have wanted if we were buying the house. We considered keeping it but it was time a new family enjoyed it. We strongly recommend Cathy. She earned every penny of what we paid her and put far more time into our property than one would expect. She treated it as her own home being sold. We had two offers at and above the listing price the first morning it was on the market. They need a sixth star rating for her efforts.
Sybil and Randy
I highly recommend Cathy Paulos to anyone in the real estate market. She was extremely helpful as we transitioned through the sale of the house. She gave us expert advice and helped us tremendously through the many phases of getting our house on the market. The sale of our house happened quickly due to her expertise in marketing. Cathy is always quick to respond to phone calls, text, or emails, usually with in minutes and was extremely patient with our many questions. I consider her very professional and an expert in her field. I would not hesitate to use her again and again!
Melissa and Bill
Working with Cathy was great. She knew everything about the neighborhood and the market were spot on. She took care of even the smallest of details, saving me countless hours of work that were difficult as my job and upcoming move had me out of town frequently. She gave me great advice, and in the end, the house sold almost spot to the first amount she ever mentioned. So, I would recommend Cathy to anyone selling or buying a home in the area.
Ms. Paulos was very professional is guiding me and my family through the home buying experience. She helped me in overcoming hurdles created by an incompetent loan officer. I would highly recommend her services to other prospective home buyers.
Kit and Katherine
Working with Cathy was fantastic. We had a realtor with whom we had worked for many years selling our properties in D.C., but when we needed to sell our suburban Maryland home, we wanted someone with expertise in that region. That's when we called Cathy. And we were happy we did - she was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, accommodating, low-maintenance and, above all, EFFECTIVE! We would highly recommend her to others!
Cathy was very professional, and wonderful to work with. Always very positive and very knowledgeable. She made sure that the house was looking great to sell fast, which it did! She also had great recommendations on painters, etc. I highly recommend her.
Cathy is a gem. She is the nicest, warmest, most responsive, supportive available realtor that you will find. On top of that, she doesn't miss a detail, is on top of everything and is incredibly helpful. She stays calm when you are anxious or even fighting with a family member and has the gentlest and most effective way of charming absolutely anyone with her open, fair, warm style. She got on the phone with a contractor we were using and got him to halve the cost of the work and give us free installation! You will get full scale service at every level in your house buying or selling process. Despite all the tension around the house, the move, etc., she gently coaxed us to get it ready by a certain time,make certain changes (that were time consuming and somewhat costly) because she knew those changes and that timing would make all the differenced. And sure enough, the house got snapped up on the first day. She had to ask the buyer to wait a day to put a contract on it (after the open house). We thought she had picked an awfully high selling price yet it was well founded by comparables and we got close to our full price on day 1! Not only is she unbelievably competent, she is a lovely kind person who is a gem to work with. Her combo of smarts and interpersonal skills can't be beat!
Cathy does an exceptional job helping the buyers to go through the entire process. I am a new Maryland resident and a first-time buyer. After I moved to the area I was tired of paying a high rent and decided to look for a house. I was a first-time buyer and not a typical buyer. Thus, could not afford the majority of the real estate offered in the area. But Cathy did not reject me as a client, but just the opposite, she referred me to few mortgage advisors. She always said: “No worries. We will find something for you”. I did not believe that when I saw the houses just ‘flying’ in this market at higher than listed prices. Nevertheless, I followed the Cathy’s advice - started to work on improving my credit history and searching for a house at the same time. In a few months I was qualified for a mortgage. However, I still could not afford many of the houses offered in the area I wanted to live. Cathy was very helpful at this stage. We saw many houses and made at least three offers before I bought my first house. Cathy proved herself as very knowledgeable and hard working buyer’s agent during this process. She educated me on the entire process and importance of contingencies to hedge against the risks while buying real estate. The offers we made were realistic and in the price range I could afford, but the houses were sold at much higher prices than listed with no or minimal contingencies. I think Cathy represented my interests very well through the entire process and the closing was completed in 30 days! I trusted her expertise so much that I took an international vacation during the closing process. I would highly recommend Cathy as an agent to all home buyers, but especially first-time buyers in DC, VA, and MD. Cathy is local and has a great expertise in these markets.

Cathy is an exceptional realtor. I was referred to her back in May when I was ready to buy my first condo in Washington, DC. I had already researched 3 properties I wanted to see and she arranged showings within the next day. I loved the first property I saw, and she contacted the seller's realtor immediately. We found out there would be multiple offers, but she knew exactly how to win the contract. She was also able to recommend an excellent lender and title company. I settled in 21 days and couldn't be happier. Throughout the entire process, she was incredibly well-organized, communicative, and nice to work with. Really, I cannot say enough about her - it was truly a great experience and if you are looking for a realtor - look no further! 

We had a great experience with Cathy and found our dream home! We never imagined we would be able to afford a house in such an amazing neighborhood so close to work, family, and church. Once we found our home, she worked with us and the home builder to negotiate a mortgage payment and down payment that we are more than happy with! From the start, Cathy was very organized and very communicative with us. She was also very honest with us as she helped us avoid some homes that seemed great on paper. She came up with great organized lists for homes that matched what we were looking for in a home based on our initial meeting and allowed us to communicate online which helped fit our busy schedules. We can't begin to express in words just how happy we are to have connected with Cathy and just how positive the whole experience has been.
Lauren and Andrew
Cathy made what can be a very stressful process extremely fun, exciting and easy to understand every step of the way! She is incredibly knowledgeable of the current real estate market and really knows how to put her client's needs first. She is incredibly hard-working, friendly and patient. After searching for roughly eight months, I just purchased my first home. Initially, I was extremely confused about the process of buying a home, but with Cathy's help, I now feel much more educated about everything. She makes the process more than just a business transaction - she makes the experience really fun! I think Cathy's best attribute is her ability to be incredibly personable all the time. She responds to my emails, texts and calls very promptly and literally at anytime during the week. The particular property I wanted came on the market on a Friday and after working hard with Cathy through the weekend and also at nights, our offer was accepted two days later. I will definitely recommend Cathy to anyone asking for a real estate agent referral. She really is the BEST!